Kaviyatri Rajni

This time was a new beginning for Rajni, where she got the opportunity to turn her dreams into reality.
The significance and emotionality of her poems. She began to express herself more strongly and this increased the depth of her writings. Immensely impressed by this experience, She established herself as a recognized
Established as a poetess and in the days to come also got the opportunity to take her creations to the people.

Poetess Rajni Singh  was fond of poems since childhood. She started her compositions at a very young age and from her journey into the world of poems began. Poetry for her was a fundamental element that gave her a medium to retail and express his feelings.

Even during her college days, Rajni developed the ability to write poetry. Seeing her amazing creations, the college authorities awarded her several times. She proved her writing skills by participating in various events. This boosted her confidence and gave her the opportunity to perform her poetry in front of more people.

In 2012, She got a chance to present her poems at the Strategic Poetess Conference of the world. This conference was an important event of the literary world.
Where various poets and poetess presented their poems and got an opportunity to meet each other. This conference gave Rajni a literary career full of experience.
Gave them knowledge about organization and inspired them to pursue their creations.

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